Experience  and Passion

Engineer graduated, I had a standard engineer carreer with increasing role development projects in various domains up the CEO of an Aeronautical SME. I’m proud to have created and managed 2 other companies overseas (South Africa and Mexico). 

Then I had the opportunity to help other entrepreneurs by defining and implementing the Bizlab AIRBUS Spin-off program

  •  Meanwhile, graphic and amotion design and video editing, my passion for more than 30 years, has been very useful to shape projects and products.
  • Free from any professional obligation, I now have time to:
  • Help new entrepreneurs define their Business model, Business case, prepare their investor pitches and client presentations.
  • To turn  their history, their concept, their hook into picture. 
  • animate logos

Image catches  attention, written words persuade but fly away when Image remains. 

The synthesis of image

As you’ll note on the showreel , I’m more motion design than video report. 

A visual identity strenghens your messages. 
Images produced may be used on  PPT  ou google slides slideshow, vos social media posts , e-mails or web sites. 

Introduce your company

Motion design
Video clip, investor Pitch
B to B communication , Teasing, service or product promotion, Headlines

shape your ideas
in 2D - 3D

3D models
CAD models animation

Add a fancy touch to
your logo

once animated your logo catches attention,
and tells a story.
greeting cards, sketchnotes...
special effects VFX - more the 500 logos

Web hosting, easy and safe access

your clip is hosted on our Vimeo platform

Get an URL for an easy access. option are  public,  private or password. 

So you make sure to have the very last issue on line. 


if like me you are more right brain than left one let's see the examples below.

Other clips are available in the  Gallery

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8 reasons to animate your logo.

Increased Memorability:

Animated logos tend to be more memorable than static logos. Motion and animation can capture viewers’ attention and make the logo easier to remember.

Brand Differentiation:

 In a world where logos are ubiquitous, animation helps a brand stand out from the competition. A well-designed animated logo can strengthen the brand’s visual identity and give it a unique personality.

Brand Storytelling:

Animated logos can tell a story about the brand or its product. They can communicate values, messages, or key concepts in a visually engaging way.


 Animated logos can be more adaptable than static logos. They can be resized, cropped, or modified to fit different mediums such as websites, social media, videos, etc.

Visual Appeal:

Animations add visual appeal, making a logo more attractive and eye-catching to viewers.

Modern and Dynamic Image:

 Animated logos can give a brand a modern and dynamic image. This can be particularly important for businesses targeting a younger audience or aiming to convey an innovative image.

Increased Engagement:

Animated logos can lead to greater engagement from the audience. Viewers are often more inclined to interact with animated content than with static content, which can foster greater engagement with the brand.

 Easy to Use 

as an adjustable GIF, like a JPEG for your email signature, slides (google slides or Power point) , web sites, apps, vidéos, social media posts..